ZEST SA – Research for the advancement of knowledge

ZEST SA is an independent company dedicated exclusively to the asset management on behalf of collective investment schemes under CISA law. It is based in Lugano and it is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

The activities initiated in 2007, as a division of Financial Strategy SA, Lugano. In 2012 was created Zest SA as a result of the fund management activity spin off.

All funds under management share an absolute return approach which integrate a long term strategic asset allocation with a short term tactical risk management to control volatility.

Zest SA is dedicated solely to absolute return fund management coupled with strict risk control since its inception.

In order to reach the performance objectives the Investment Team searches investment opportunities in equity, bond and currency markets by assuming strategic, tactical and arbitrage positions, accordingly to each fund objective.

A very high level of transparency and a constant, detailed flow of information, represent the cornerstones of ZEST relationship with its investors